The winner (or winners) of the Paga Hill Estate Award for Illustrated Children’s Stories will receive K5,000 and their winning work will be published in the 2019 Crocodile Prize Anthology


The Paga Hill Estate Award for Illustrated Children’s Stories will be given for the best short story for children that includes original illustrations, artwork or pictures.

Collaboration between writers and artists is encouraged, and it is also a good idea to test the stories on primary school-aged children.

Entries should not exceed 500 words and must include at least three original illustrations.

About Paga Hill Estate

Paga Hill is the future of Port Moresby. With spectacular views, idyllic surrounds, historic war relics and located less than a ten minute walk to the Port Moresby downtown area, the site constitutes an unbridled opportunity.

Leveraging its natural position on a point, Paga Hill will move away from the gated communities now commonplace in Port Moresby, establishing itself as truly inclusive – a focal point for Paga Hill residents, city residents, tourists and visitors alike.

The site will be one for all to enjoy, a vibrant hub and focal point for the city, and more importantly, an icon of a modern and progressive PNG.

Paga Hill and its chief executive Gummi Fridriksson have been tremendous supporters of PNG literature and the Crocodile Prize.

They have previous supported other literary initiatives, including the book Trickery at the Crocodile Pool and Other Children’s Stories from PNG, the collection of PNG women’s writing My Walk to Equality, and the long-running Destination PNG travel book.

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