The Abt Associates Award for Women’s Literature will be given for the most outstanding piece of writing that reflects the distinct and diverse perspectives of Papua New Guinean women.

Entries make take any form – poetry, short stories or essays – as long as they communicate the unique lived experiences of Papua New Guinean women.

Entries will be judged based on: 

  • Creativity, originality and relevance of the piece and the perspectives presented;
  • Style, coherence of ideas, form and structure; and
  • Use of language to communicate ideas and images, and demonstrate an understanding of the subject.

Entries also relevant to other categories (e.g. poetry, short stories or essays) will automatically be considered for the respective awards.

There no strict word limit, but it is important to consider that the judging is based on quality not quantity.

The winner of the Abt Associates Award for Women’s Literature will receive K5,000 and their winning work will be published in the 2019 Crocodile Prize Anthology. The submission deadline is midnight 31 August 2019.

About Abt Associates

Abt Associates is an engine for social impact, fuelled by caring, curiosity and cutting-edge research that moves people from vulnerability to security. Whether it’s welfare or weather disasters, the environment or economics, agriculture or HIV and AIDS, Abt addresses the world’s most pressing issues.

Abt has a deep association with Papua New Guinea that began two decades ago with the specialist delivery of health services.

Today, Abt’s works covers health, leadership development, decentralisation, citizen engagement, economic governance and inclusive growth. This supports security, stability and basic service delivery for all Papua New Guineans.

Abt is a strong supporter of empowerment and equity for all women – it is a goal at the heart of its activities in Papua New Guinea and around the world. The Award for Women’s Literature fits Abt’s PNG-grown vision: Skelim Pawa, Stretim Pasin – Shared Power, Aligned Actions.

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