Deliver the Sound of PNG

Othniella Vincent

An Entry in the Poetry Award

Let us deliver the sound of PNG
Beating of the kundu drums from the highlands to the lowlands
The Sound of unity
Blowing of the Cone shell from the coasts echoing the oceans
The Sound of diversity
Beating of the garamut from the Islands
The sound of creativity
Blowing of the Bamboo flute from our forests
The sound of serenity
And the Shaking of the Shakers filled with seeds
The sound of the next generation

Soaring over the mountain terrains
Swimming across deep valleys
Gliding over the oceans and riverine
Penetrating pristine forests
Intertwining with the faunas diverse sounds
Over the forests canvas of many colours
Releasing sweet aromas to the heavens

Bird of Paradise, sing!
Let the diverse sounds echo
Sound of one voice
Be heard by nations afar
Diversity make us stronger
Intricate sounds, yet one voice
Let us deliver the sound of PNG

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