Freedom voice

By Hazel Duduwega

An entry in the Abt Associates Award for Women’s Literature

For Freedom of Speech sake
Allow me to speak
This is a matrilineal society
A generation I inherited by birth
Treat me not like an alien
In my own land
You cannot deny
I have the right
To express my freedom voice

As a woman of this land
Full of milk and honey
Where we make plenty money
Yet not a chance
In decision making
To express my freedom voice

Do not give me the back benches
I am part of you
I belong to this land
A matrilineal society
I live among you
So let me be among you
To express my freedom voice

I toil the land
Blood, sweat and tears
From dawn to dusk
For my family I work
If it concerns my land and my children
Allow me
To express my freedom voice

Equality for humanity
I advocate
For women folks like me to be heard
To participate freely
Without fear and intimidation
When making decision
That concerns my land
To express my freedom voice

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  1. I really love this piece! You might have a chance on winning!

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