Baining Fire Dancers

By Raychelle Cassey Redi

An entry in the Cleland Award for Heritage Literature

In anticipation of the grand entry of the Baining Fire Dancers,

Dramas and excitements filled the hearts and souls of spectators.

The bonfire in the middle of the arena light up the dark night sky.

As audience sat and ready to welcome the dancers into the arena.

With phantasmagoric masks flits in and out of the shadows of the night just like stealth jet fighters ready to strike their enemies.

With the slippery soul coiled on their hands bring fright to the souls of the preying eyes.

The singers sang with their falsetto voice just like yodelling refrain.

Voice just like yodelling refrain.

The remnants of the burning woods cascaded like fireworks on the New Year’s Eve attracting thousands of cameras flashing like lightning flashes in the night.

It was an exhausted night for the dancers as they wind down and are thrown back into their sacred world to retire.

An exotic event, an exotic night, a night to remember.

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