First Love

Sarah Kaut-Nasengom

An entry in the Abt Associates Award for Women’s Literature

A short special tribute to my mothers

Most girls regard their high school sweethearts as their first love.

But for me, mama was and is my first love.

For she turned every bitter, wild moment into a good one.

Some say a mother is not only by blood.

And I believed in that.

She was the only beauty I had my eyes on and still am.

She mended my broken home with her selfless love.

Surely, love is what I see in her.

She twisted a shattered yesterday into a blissful today.

Like a beam of light in the middle of a storm.

Hope is what I see in her.

Soft hearted yet courageous. It’s her nature.

Bold for being my father figure.

Her tear burdens my soul.

For only she could make me cry.

But her radiant smile uplifts my spirit to go another mile.

Her struggles were my stepping stones.

Yet my existence is her hope.

Every day I see more of her in me.

For I am her child.

To my first love, my mother.

With my undying love.

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